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I am assuming that you know when you ovulate- do you know how long your luteal phase... more
Apr 16 2009 9:51am
Apr 16 2009 8:07am
Have you had your beta drawn (blood pregnancy test)?  Generally with beta testing... more
Apr 16 2009 9:56am
Apr 16 2009 6:29am
Some people have no issues getting pregnant straight off the pill and you may very... more
Apr 16 2009 10:02am
where is the pain centered?  Do you know where you are in your cycle? more
Apr 16 2009 10:05am
How far along are you now? Approx how far along were you when you had these procedures... more
Apr 16 2009 10:09am
The longer you are on this journey the more you realize that the "28 day cycle, CD14... more
Apr 17 2009 10:09am
need to correct: I wrote three months and I meant to say bad more
Apr 16 2009 3:29pm
Apr 17 2009 2:39pm
When you get the results back make sure that they give you a number...meaning HCG less... more
Apr 18 2009 10:47pm
Have you tried laying on your left side for a bit? That might encourage the baby to... more
Apr 18 2009 8:58am
It really does depend on your own particular cycle. Simply secreting cervical... more
Apr 18 2009 10:34pm