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Best Comment to date on OBL death

I got this from a comment feed on Michelle Malkin’s facebook page… “ REAL MEN OF GENIUS. Today, we salute you, Mr. “I Killed Osama”...

The “Urge” v “Reality”

Ok, so right now I am making an entry because I am procrastinating on actually doing anything else.  I started out the day by waking up…no...

Wanting to Reconnect

I’m actually making a post, y’all. Of course, most folks won’t even know that I have because I’ve been so non-posty for awhile now.  The why...

Just Not Answering the Question

Lately it seems like people ask me questions I just don’t want to answer- but I don’t want to lie.  I have a real aversion to lying- even those...

It Is A New Year

I’ve sat in front of this screen for a few minutes…wanting to write but not knowing exactly what to say. I am listening to a song that is...


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Aug 20 2012 by JannnetPareeedes
Im 18 i had sex July 6th and then got my period July 13th & ended the 21st. I haven't gotten my period this month but i have had  gotten white/clear discharge. what could this mean?
Jun 28 2010 by yetty

I took the two tablets of postinor 2  at once, any side effecton my breatmilk for the baby.

Mar 17 2010 by miz MG
Dayzofrain can i know when is fertile phase? and when is ovulation occurs?

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