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Dawn Gifford aka Small Footprint Mama

San Diego, California
My name is Dawn and welcome to Small Footprint Family! As a new parent and longtime environmentalist, this blog is about my family’s adventures in learning to reduce our environmental impact, take good care of ourselves, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life so we can ensure an abundant,... Full Bio
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Why You Shouldn’t Treat a Fever (Most of the Time)

Every parent hates seeing their child sick with a fever. It’s pretty awful to have one if you’re an adult, too! However it is usually...

Why You REALLY Need a Water Filter (And How to Choose the Right One)

In the United States, tap water is the most tested and regulated source of water you can find. That said, tap water can still contain chemicals...

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

Have you ever gotten an epic deal on something really awesome, and wanted to tell all your friends about it so they could get in on it, too?...

Fresh Fennel Seed Tummy Tincture

A tincture is a method of extracting the healing properties of herbs into a combination of water and alcohol (or vinegar). Alcohol-based...

Why We Should All Eat More Locally Grown Food

Many regions have declared September “Local Food Month.” It’s not a national celebration yet, but let’s hope it doesn’t become one. Every month...
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