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Specialty: Family Medicine
Davis Liu, M.D., is a practicing board-certified family physician with the  in Northern California since 2000.  His comments have appeared in Fortune, Smart Money, Remedy, Real and Simple, and the NY Times.  He has penned opinion pieces that have appeared in the San Francisco... Full Bio
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Moving On to New Website

Thanks for following my blog which since 2007 has provided a home for my thoughts and musings about the challenges for doctors and patients to...

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NY Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof wrote a heartfelt piece "A Possibly Fatal Mistake" about his college roommate Scott Androes, who...

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A recent commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association titled, " The Iron Triangle of Health Care: Access, Cost, and Quality "...

The Truth About Ovarian Cancer Screening - book excerpt

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Rock Health, Enterpreneurs, Doctors and Witchcraft?

I recently viewed health care through the lenses of a technology entrepreneur by attending the Health Innovation Summit hosted by Rock Health in...
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