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bradford, United Kingdom
Hello my name is David Wagstaff I’m 25 and living in the UK with my girlfriend Lauren. I’m currently suffering with suspected colitis, this has caused me to lose my job, my freedom and most importantly my bed (its just to soft now.) This blog is a record of the giddy highs and the... Full Bio
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In the dictionary the defination of being desperate amongst other things is:- Having no hope; giving in to despair. This is exactly how im...

A new town, a new year, a new beginning.

After a two month absense im back online and ready to get back into my blog. the pause was due to my partner and i moving house and technical...

Well after a couple of months of ...

Well after a couple of months of sleeping i'm finally in the position to write again. The tablets i'm on are called Mirtazapine and there STRONG,...


Wowser my new medication is incredibly strong, its an anti depressant combined with a sedative. I'm still feeling extremely low but they knock me...

I think this is what you would call a cry for help!

This blog post is really hard for me to write because i'm going to admit something so terrible that it scares me. It all started this...

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