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Monrovia, California
A board-certified chiropractic physician, David M. Salse, D.C. is a regionally recognized lecturer and speaker. He has presented extensively at seminars and workshops on the subject of optimal health and healing through natural chiropractic.  You can learn more at . His sixteen years of clinical practice with over twenty-thousand patients has provided him with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of chiropractic and manipulative therapy.       Dr.... Full Bio
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Dr. Salse Provides A Fresh Approach To Chiropractic In the San Gabriel Valley

Chiropractor in Monrovia : Dr David M. Salse, D.C. Written by  Dr. David Salse  on January 9, 2012 in  Chiropractic,  Headache,  Low Back...

Hard Questions and Real Answers About Chiropractic

Written by Dr. David Salse,D.C. F.A.Q. (Please call our Monrovia Chiropractic office for any additional questions) Q:...

Top 10 Do's and Dont's of a Motor Vehicle Accident

Written by Dr. David Salse, D.C. 1.Your Glove Compartment Is For More Than Gloves. Starting today, keep an “accident kit” in your car’s...

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