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San Francisco, California
I took a year away from college to interview people with disabilities, share their stories, and post my reflections. I'm amazed by how much I learned over this past year. Now, I'm back in school, not having time to interview, but continuing to share my thoughts. About me - I like sports, music,... Full Bio
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May 31 2009 by nannette
Hi David my name is Nannette. I have a daughter who has Muscular Dystrophy. Yesterday was the first time I have seen her in 4 years. I am so ashamed of myself for not being there for her and I just don't know how to deal with all of the emotions I'm feeling right now. I was online trying to learn more about this horrific disease when I came  across your picture. I seen it said you had no friends and I could'nt help but to talk to you. I am wish so much for all of you that share this. I would take the place of any one of you and I'm angry that there is no cure...yet. I want you to give me all of the information that you can about this disease so I am more informed. I just don't want to have to read about it on a machine that has no feeling. I know this may sound strange but I am sure you maybe understand a little of this? Thank You David. GOD BLESS YOU