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David J. Miller is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Counselor living in Fresno, California, the heart of Californiaâ??s Central Valley. He is currently employed by Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health in the crisis unit, where he works with clients with a... Full Bio
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What is binge drinking?

By David Joel Miller Why binge drinking matters Binge drinking is a pattern of drinking that has been linked to a host of physical, mental and...

Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Illnesses

By David Joel Miller How are alcohol and other drugs connected to mental and emotional problems? There are clearly a large number of connections...

Are you at risk for Postpartum or Peripartum Depression?

David Joel Miller 7 risk factors for Postpartum Depression What factors might put you at risk of Peripartum Depression? When it comes to mental...

17 Ways to de-stress

How do you manage stress? By David Joel Miller Stress can overwhelmed you at any time or anywhere – Here are some suggested ways to turn down the...

Reduce Stress by saying NO!

By David Joel Miller Ways to say no and cut down on your stress There will always be more to do that there will be time to do it. The ability to...

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