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David Granovsky

The world is embracing the research and successful treatments of diseases with Adult stem cells, reaping huge rewards of life extension, improved quality of life and the curing of so-called incurable diseases. This group will bring you up to date on the news, benefits and treatments and... Full Bio
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Apr 16 2010 by shull
working on graphics for an edudcational program for Improving Stem Cell Mobilization Outcomes. What do you all think of when visually for Stem Cells Mobilization? Just trying to think outside the box. Thanks. 
Apr 16 2010 by shull
Hey, I am doing a design for Improving Stem Cell Mobilization Outcomes. Can anyone help me think of images? Trying to think outside the box on graphics for the meeting?
Aug 20 2009 by sunny
Hey David - I would very much like to discuss some things with you do you happen to have an email address my email is