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Nutrition Debt Growth Rate Mirrors Increase in Stroke Rates

More Disturbing US Nutrition Debt and Stroke Risk Stats: Did you know that every day, in the US alone, approximately 5,082...

Stroke Body Language

Stroke Do you know the Body Language?

Let’s Move!-Towards a healthier nation. Really??

Subway is also a proud partner of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move™  national movement to make our kids healthier. Smart Move teaming up...

TCD and PFO Study Results

TCD is Superior to TEE for Detection of PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) Ralph Sacco, MD, FAHA, past-president of the American Heart Association,...

Need a good “Natural” Laugh?

Just shared on my ezine at PTC Health-E-News Check this Out!

David D.'s Answers

David D.'s Whiteboard
Mar 19 2010 by bettybuckets
I just read and loved your 2008 post on Stroke Rehab being like training for Olympics and I agree.  I am wondering what is your opinion of our new Tailwind-Bilateral Arm Trainer with Rhythmic cueing?
Apr 08 2009 by Sparky

Event contact: Sparky George, President

Hats Off America , (925) 855-1950

15th Hats Off America Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk

June 6 – Danville



Come and join Sparky George, the Bear Flag Runner and an old Marine, at the 15th Hats Off America Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk on Saturday, June 6 beginning at 10 a.m. at Sycamore Valley Park , 2101 Holbrook Drive , Danville , rain or shine. Entry fee is $35 per person. There is no entry fee for volunteers.  All runners and volunteers will receive a red t-shirt and lunch.

Hats Off America is a non-profit organization that raises awareness of and money for the families of soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Come meet the Gold Star Family, the Arroyaves, and let them know that their sacrifice, so we can keep our freedom, will never be forgotten.

Sparky has been running six miles a night, five nights a week, with a five-pound weight pack since September 15, 2002 and has run more than 11,500 miles.  

Hats Off America was created by Sparky George, owner of Classic Car Auto Restoration and Repair in San Ramon, a Vietnam vet and the “Bear Flag Runner” of Danville . In honor of service personnel being deployed in Iraq . The Bear Flag Runner has been running six miles a night, five days a week with a five-pound weight, regardless of weather, since September 15, 2002 . The Hats Off America organization also takes donations and pledges for the miles run.

Hats Off America, Americans taking care of American families.

For information or to register or volunteer, contact Sparky George at (925) 855-1950 or . The website includes links to other organizations that support our troops. Hats Off America ( ) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.


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