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Dave W. Doctor of Philosophy

Davidson, North Carolina
Professor of Biology at Davidson College. Interested in HIV/AIDS education and outreach. Also... Full Bio
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What does HIV/AIDS cost? The answer to this question depends a lot on whom you ask.

Ask the UN and you’ll get the staggering sum of $10 billion. A year . The annual per capita cost of treating infected Africans, where much of...

A Picture of Life with HIV in Africa

Africa. The seed of the world. One of the most beautiful and most scintillating places on earth. From the deserts of the Sahara and the...

Compulsory HIV Testing

No one can argue that HIV testing is a bad thing. Knowing one’s status allows a person to access treatment earlier, change risky behaviors, or...

AIDS 2010 - Day 6

The XVIII International AIDS Conference has come to a close. During the final day, summaries of the meeting were presented and the organizers of...

AIDS 2010 - Day 5

At this meeting, the official sessions - plenary talks, poster presentations, panel discussions - are only half of the story. For the week of he...

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