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Dave K.

San Francisco, California
Hi, I'm Dave. I'm the co-founder of Wellsphere, and a huge believer in the impact of eating right and being active on your overall well-being. I moved to SF in 2001 from NY, and decided to live a much more active life. I joined Team In Training and trained for the Pacific Grove triathlon. It was an amazing experience to start exercising almost everyday and to set a challenging goal for myself and accomplish it. I think that's the key to growing and continuously improving your life - whether... Full Bio
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Dave K. became an Advocate for the Healthy Cause the Mental Health Services & Patient Rights. Jul 15 2009
Dave K. became an Advocate for the Healthy Cause the Finding A Cure For Alzheimer's. Jul 13 2009

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Aug 18 2009 by SmoothFitness
Whats up everyone!  I'm a Wellsphere newcomer and wanted to give a shout out to Dave and compliment what an excellent job he's done with this community.  It's become an inspiration to so many people.  I'm really excited to be a part of it.
Jun 30 2008 by Dave K.
Hi all!  Hope you're having a great Monday :~)
May 19 2008 by Larissa
Hope you had a wonderful day Saturday and enjoy your trip!