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In 1986 I admitted to being an alcoholic. This admittance kept me sober for over five years, but I slipped. For the next two years, I destroyed everything I had rebuilt. Finally in 1994 I accepted that I was an alcoholic. Admitting was easy, it was the acceptance that was more difficult. I... Full Bio
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Excuses.  You talk to an addict, you’ll hear a million excuses.  By addicts, I mean alcoholics, drug addicts, gamblers, shoppers, sex...

Finding wealth through employment

Years ago I lost a job because of the economy. It was a job I thought I would have for many years. With the lose I was able to secure...

God Helped Me

ACOA Step 7 Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings. God Helped Me I no longer want to be hitI'm tired of being treated like...

ACOA Step 7

Step 7 of ACOA says that we will Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings. Growing up in an ACOA home there is no such thing as a...


did God give us tears if we're not supposed to cry ?  The release and healing I feel when I cry is indescribable. Yet, before I...

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