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In 1986 I admitted to being an alcoholic. This admittance kept me sober for over five years, but I slipped. For the next two years, I destroyed everything I had rebuilt. Finally in 1994 I accepted that I was an alcoholic. Admitting was easy, it was the acceptance that was more difficult. I... Full Bio
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A Piece Of Good News

Great Day!!! My first Monday back in the States, meant my first 8 hour work day in four months and then after work I went to have my Coumadin...

The beauty of the queue

One of the many things that England has down to a science are queue's. In America, we call it lines, they are basically the same thing but...

Year 1 A.S. (After Surgeries)

Woke up in Beatrice at 3:30 AM on Sunday. Arrived in Atlanta 10:00 AM and even managed to find a place to sleep for a couple of hours. Arrived...

Finding Acceptance and Peace

This was part of the December 2014 newsletter ***************************************** Hello everybody. Been writing this newsletter in my...

Having friends without buying them

During my partying days I bought many friends. These friends I would spend every waking moment with. Looking back at it, I can see they...

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