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To Every Messenger a Message

God has taught me a principle that helps me deal with criticism and praise from those who read my messages. It's a bit of personal instruction...

My Friend’s Deliverance – Kazuko Onishi

This testimony was sent to me by my friend Kazuko Onishi. I’d like to introduce her to those who don’t know her. Kazuko lives near Kobe, Japan....

Are You Authorized?

My last post had to do with the subject of authority. The take home message was that each of us has been granted authority from God in a number...

Authority - How Does it Work?

There seems to be growing interest in the subject of authority these days.  I read the other night where an exasperated woman said she was...

Let the Living Water Flow

"...out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." Jn 7:38When He found someone who was sick or spiritually oppressed, Jesus  released...

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