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I'm the Founder of, a website devoted to sharing inspirations, insights and INFORMATION about my life journey and the journeys of other go-getters who are Changing the World one bite, one sustainable construction project, one child's life, one day at a time!
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Raw on the Road: Traveling and Staying 100% RAW!!!

Art Auction of beautiful originals to benefit sexually-abused children!!
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Dec 31 2009 by Dauntless Diva
Visit for a link to the 30-Day GREEN SMOOTHIE Challenge page! Tomorrow (1/1/10) is day #1!

Dec 07 2009 by Dauntless Diva

Beginning January 1, 2010 -- I'm hosting the FOURTH 30-DAY GREEN SMOOTHIE Challenge!!! This time, I've created a Facebook space and information up at Dauntless Diva on how to get involved in this FUN, FREE, Fabulous Challenge!

This is NOT a Green Smoothie Feast/Fast... it's simply a way of encouraging Rawbies and Newbies alike to begin drinking at least 8 oz. of GS daily!!!





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