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Who is the Dating Goddess? I am a 53-year-old white, professional woman. My husband of nearly 20 years left me in April '03 and I started dating 18 months later. Generally, I have had a great time meeting interesting men, some of whom became romantic beaus, some became treasured friends, and some... Full Bio
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Right man; wrong continent

He was not classically good looking. He had a pronounced nose and craggy face etched from decades of intense work. But his entrancing blue...

When certainty is a bad thing in dating

Both genders say confidence is one of the most appealing attributes in a sweetie. However, there is a thin line between confidence and...

The woo dance

Wooing can be exhilarating, fun, and exciting. It’s nice to be the recipient of a man’s attention and affection. It’s especially nice when...

Cruisin’ for love

I’m on an 11-day cruise. It’s not a singles’ cruise. Am I here looking for love? Yes and no. I’m speaking onboard. But I’m also...

When a former date passes on

One of the unexpected experiences of dating after 40 is when someone you dated dies. I’ve had it happen twice now. Of course, death occurs...
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