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California L5A3R1
An Artsy Cancerian who's pleased to help others & loves to protect. Listening is my strength. Natural Healing is my goal. I'm a mind of constant thought. I hold a strong belief in the efficacy of natural medicine and the healing power of nature; and with the concern for others, I always look forward to applying my skills for the well-being of others by promoting health, and disease prevention. To add to the creativity I have a hidden passion for art. Self taught, I love to paint,... Full Bio
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Apr 10 2012 by Dareen
Proud moment.. a can has been sitting in my fridge for almost a month now.. and it's still sitting there.. p.s. i didn't buy it.. but it kind of acts as a will power enforcer sitting all "pretty" in the fridge... i really want it, but feel guilty after i have it...
Apr 10 2012 by Dareen
so far so good.... i do admit i've had a few slips...only when people bring it to my house and provide me with such a soda friendly meal.
Feb 16 2012 by Total-Q
Good simple goal Dareen! Soda is an easily consumable beverage with several addictive and dangerous components. It seems hard to avoid, but once you go a few weeks without it you will rarely desire it. Good luck in your healthquest!