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Boston, Massachusetts
When I was 18, my doctor said to me, "you have the spine of a 70-year old woman."  I didn't take it as a compliment.   Unfortunately, it was true.  At 16, my lower back started to degenerate at an accelerated speed.  There seemed to be no reason for... Full Bio
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Jul 27 2012 by momoftwins711
Doing this blogging is new to me. I am trying to get some information and help with issues I am having with the stimulator for my migraines. If anyone has any advice or information can you please email me @
Oct 19 2011 by heatherlc33

Hello, I found your blog while researching the sns. I suffer from FFS, and have pain and get the "gnomes" in my leg. (appreicate the gremlin reference.I truly found it enlightening, as I had heard so many negative comments ( from non pain patients) Thank you dearly for taking the time to blog on such a great topic. It was great!

Sep 24 2011 by gracie

Hi am new 2 this posting, truely enjoyed ur blog, u r very inspirational, would love to get some more info. re: how the stim implant n front is working out 4 u as I currently have 1 n my R low back & may need 2 have it repositioned, my e-mail is, I realize life is busy & I surely hope u r doing well, my bes 2 u & yours, gracie

Nov 14 2010 by Lucy
I was hoping that the reason you stopped posting was because you were in such a good place, pain-wise. I was hoping you weren't hurting so much, that the stim was working and was fitting easily into your daily life, etc. etc. Please don't feel even the tiniest bit bad for not posting. It's not actually your responsibility -- although we did miss you.  :-)
Feb 20 2010 by Lucy
One of the many, many wonderful things about Danimal's blog is that, unlike many forums about chronic pain, she's not all about her "misery." Her incredible sense of humor, combined with her quirky outlook on life and her unbridled addiction to all things adorable and sparkly (to say nothing of her attraction to pastry and makeup) make her posts fun to read, even though we all know her life is difficult and her topic is sad. I, for one, am a very grateful reader.
Sep 16 2009 by Danimal

Hi Lovely,

Of course I will answer (or at least try!) your questions about the stimulator.  I know it's a difficult decision and one I wrestled with for months before going forward with the perm. implant.  I'm glad you visited my blog..I haven't updated in a few weeks but intend to remedy that soon!  There are pictures on there of my incisions if you are curious.

Anyway, I will email you and you can ask me anything you'd like.



Sep 15 2009 by Lovely

I am contimplating an SCS and I was reading your web page. I have so many questions about your recovery and your current life style. Would you be willing to email me and have a few discussions? My email address is You will get caught in my spam but I will pull you out.