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Barenaked Ladies… My heroes

I interrupt this regularly scheduled silence to bring you THIS video. BNL singing about allergies!! So cute those guys are…

Wonderful morning

Hello all, it’s me. How long since that last post there? I am doing well. School is keeping me very busy, with April and the deadline for my...

Soap slander

I try to buy everything unscented to appease ye olde asthma lungs. I find scented soaps especially set me off, so I go for the plain old...

Winter workouts

This weekend, it was -39 C here. In terms of me and my asthmatic lungs, that is too cold for outdoor exercise, and too cold for even a...

With love from me to you

Hmmm, well it’s been a tough January for a few of my dear blogger friends, as well as for myself. I am going to revert to sharing one of my...

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