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Dani ..

naug, Connecticut
I'm a very opinionated mom of 6 kids, wife of a cop and nurse by night. I'm a very humorous person and have a very crazy life.
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A Real Nurses view; what you need to know before placing your Mom in long term care or rehab.

I have been wanting to write this article for a very long time! I have always wanted the general public to know what I know in regards to long...

Divorce or something like it..

So back to writing I go to. My fail safe. Expressionism when you're lonely. I have no idea who reads this anymore, if anyone does at all? Fuck...

Hair Update!

So, I've gotten a few emails asking me about my baldness. I'm guessing that they want an update. Well, here it is It has started to grow...

The Life of a Bald Chick!

About 1 year ago, I had long, straight, black hair down to my ass. I always managed to receive compliments on it when I wore it down. Is that...

An open letter to Victorias Secret...Fuck you!

Dear Victoria, I realize that I don't have big knockers. I've accepted this fact a long time ago. I have also learned to...

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