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I'm a mom of three boys on the autism spectrum 7-yr-old id twins and their 4-yr-old little brother and wife to my dh of 15 yrs who is a SAHD. My blog is where I share our story, as well as topics relating to autism awareness & acceptance, twins, the silliness three little boys can get into,... Full Bio
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A Mad Crush

We were at the store buying school supplies when Bitty found a little blue ball. Dh and I were busy looking for the items on the...

Special Needs Ryan Gosling - Week 1

Coming out of blog-hiatus at least for now to join in on Special Needs Ryan Gosling with Sunday at Adventures in Extreme Parenting . I found this...

On hiatus...

I guess it's pretty obvious since I've posted all of one time in the last six months, but I'm making it official (if anyone's still reading at...

So aware, we're UNaware

Have you ever seen the movie, "The Three Amigos"? It's a *really* cheesy movie from back in the 80's, and there's a scene where the amigos say...

Special Olympics ~ Basketball

Little Bitty's class gets to participate in various Special Olympics events during the year... a couple of weeks ago was the first one of the...

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