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My name is Carla. I love to dance. I'm 23 with cystic fibrosis trying to learn how to live my life.
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My Life Story, Abridged

I'm really tired of this dance I have to do with my CF clinic.  I don't know what else to say, other than that.  My parents and I have always had...

Depression Dave

On Monday, a man I have always loved committed suicide.  While I never met him in person, Robin Williams seemed like a friend.  I saw him (as...

Wherein I combine all the blogs!

I have a separate craft blog and a separate blog for travel photos, but really, I want just one blog.  So the plan is to revamp this one a little,...

"How to be a Patient"

I'm going to start teaching classes on how to be a patient in the hospital.  From my most recent stays here, it is apparent these classes are...

4th of Lucky

I thought I was having the WORST Fourth of July weekend EVER.  Like, THE. WORST.  I'm in the hospital on my favorite holiday and my husband can't...

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