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Want to dance more? So do we! Let's share tips on finding classes, staying injury free and sticking with a regular dance routine. Team Members: 244 Team Goals: Dance
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Fellow Dance Team Dancers - I'd love to hear how you keep a dance routine!

Posted by Kathleen D.

Dance was my first love. I still find it a profound art form, even thought I don't practice it anymore. I want to get it back into my life with a regular routine. Since I don't have much time to go to a studio, dancing at home brings back the joy, the rush. However, I need to make it regular, at least weekly.

I think I'll set a goal on Wellsphere to do just that.

So how do you keep on groovin?


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I have never been good at dancing or exercising at home, alone. For most dancers the focus is always on taking class, class, class. It gives me the opportunity to let someone else lead and challenge me so that I can really focus on myself. At home, I have to play both roles and it doesn't work as well for me. I DO like to improvise on my own, just dancing for my own spirit. But space is an issue for me. Not to mention, when I have somewhere to be or go I'm more likely to stay committed because I don't have the 10 other things I have to do staring me in the face as I do at home.

 Lately, I've found a good mix of everything I like/want in Nia. There are improvisational elements and moving from the soul/spirit, yet someone is leading and pushing me onward, the movement is often continuous which is wonderful exercise, and its offered at a location where there is childcare (unlike most dance classes).

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