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Dance Fever Studio Inc

14069 Round Lake Blvd NW,
Anoka, MN 55304
(763) 422-1161
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Jenifer W. Aug 04 2008 12:10pm Honestly, as long as you truly have rhythm and stay off my toes, I'm impressed! ;oP
WhitneyMCole Feb 13 2010 12:06pm Definitely can be! Duration of time and intensity of the moves will ultimately determine how...
jessica a. Jun 26 2007 6:29pm oh. HEY ILL TEACH YOU!!!!! ahhahaha
sheryl w. Oct 17 2007 3:50am Fox trot. Start out with the fox trot. It is easy to look good at the fox trot than any other...
Jennifer H. Aug 14 2009 3:51pm Nia saved my life! When I discovered Nia, I was managing anorexia, an exercise obsession and was...
richa Dec 17 2009 2:06am If you are interested in learning yoga you can try Yoga For Life - Instructional DVD featuring...
Lela D. Nov 19 2007 11:49am Sounds weird, but I'm sure enough people like it! It's probably best to go somewhere else and...
sarah m. Jul 05 2008 7:18pm hi, i am a size 18,is ballroom dancing for me?
Nikki F. Aug 23 2007 2:25pm I always take a stretch break about 5 minutes into my run (when I'm warmed up) and then spend 3-5...
Lela D. Sep 06 2007 8:36pm It's Not a Competition. Rest up and try to eat really well for a few days prior. It's going to...
angela h. Aug 11 2008 8:29am I would consider trying. Hopefully soon.
Sarah Dec 01 2008 4:35pm While it's true that enjoying the form of dance you choose is important to whether or not you...
Nirmala N. Sep 24 2007 1:18pm Cirque du Soleil. Yeah, they're a circus, but the acrobatics and incredible choreography are well...
verongongolo Jan 23 2009 10:02pm Hi I am Starting an African Dance work out  group class at a location in Midtown,...
fallacy Mar 13 2009 7:49am hey i'm actually a bodybuilder, and i would really not recomend listening to any of these...