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You're certainly old enough, and I think you're intellegent enough (most of you) to remember choreography, so why don't you?

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:31pm

Tonight at rehearsal, about half the group stopped towards the end of our neoclassical piece we're working on. When our choreographer asked them why, they dared to say "Oh, well we forgot it." She FLIPPED OUT. I would have too. So, the choreographer left the room because she knew she would start screaming at us and probably knew that this was just the right group for someone to get upset and quit altogether. I had to teach the last 24 counts that we had learned at the last rehearsal to the rest of the group. Almost no one was there, and all but one other person and I were late. I don't find this at all acceptable. I mean, really? You would "just forget" and stop IN THE MIDDLE OF REHEARSAL?!? Really?

I mean, honestly, would any of you out there just decide to stop dancing and sit down in the middle of a rehearsal because (this one is a gem) "I couldn't see her demonstrating last time so I was watching someone else who isn't here this week"? Is this suddenly now acceptable?

When she finally gained her composure and the choreography had been retaught to the rest of the group, the choreographer came back. Believe it or not, she said this was only the second time she had ever walked out on a class in her entire ballet career. It was pretty funny (not in a humorous way, but weird) because I specifically remember this same choreographer/teacher walking out on a class I was in a couple years ago. I guess I'm... lucky...?

Ok, end of rehearsal rant.

Stay on your toes,


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