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When Learning to Tap Dance I also learned…

Posted Jul 03 2007 12:00am

to steal…

We are taught that it is wrong to steal. It says so right there in the Ten Commandments, “Thou Shalt Not Steal!” Yet this Commandment doesn’t seem to translate into tap dance or other creative art forms. When learning a new skill and developing our own style, we often start out by emulating other’s work.

It seems that what we steal becomes our style, while our style determines what we steal. (Read that again…I’ll wait!)

Maybe we need a specialized Commandment for tap dancing! Something like, “Thou Shalt Not Steal without giving due credit to those you stole from, and without eventually improving on what you stole!”

That’s a little wordy…does anyone have a better way to put it? If so, post a comment.

This post is part of my Tap Lessons/Life Lessons Series.


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