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What is the best dance class for a full body workout?

Posted by sheryl w.

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Jazz. I'd say modern or jazz dance, because they are both very dynamic and require you to move A LOT. Anything that exercises all parts of your body and requires you to break a sweat is great. Advanced salsa is also a lot of fun.
Hip-hop. Hip hop moves every muscle in your body especially your core. I've only taken a few classes, but I swear I've never sweated so much before in my life.
Find a dance class that you enjoy!. Any dance class is going to get your body moving and be at least some kind of workout. The key is to find a class that you enjoy and will feel motivated to go to. Then you will ensure that you get your workout.

Belly dance is really great because you even work your arms too! Everything gets a workout!

The main focus is not just the belly/abs, even though that is a very important part which gets strengthened. If you strengthen your abs, you strengthen your lower back too, which is so important for posture and overall health!

I just heard about one called Turbo Jam that's supposed to be an amzing workout and fun dance moves - combo of hip hop and kickboxing almost. (admittedly, it was on a late night infomercial, but it did look pretty fun)
Straight up Martha Graham Technique. Check out local modern dance centers, universities, and colleges for classes near you!
I agree with Shez B. The most important is that you find something you really really like! I would/could say flamenco, because that's what I like... Yeah, it'll get you moving like you never did before, and as you get more advanced (warning: takes a while with flamenco!) the more you'll move.... But again, it's not for everyone. Hip hop, salsa, rumba, afro-cuban, jazz, modern, belly dancing... They can all get you going! In my experience, as you become more confident in the dance you practice, the more you will move in a way that makes you feel good. another thing to note is the teacher. Having a good teacher makes a huge difference, in anything, and dance is no exception. Moving is important, but moving in a way that you do not hurt your body is more important!
This is more of a workout routine, but I like the class called Jazzercise. It is a dance-type aerobic workout with some weights and stretching at the end.

What type dance classes should I take for a full body excercise -

what type of dance classes should I take for a full body excericise, as well as to gain well balance skillset of dance as a beginner. I 've contemporrary dance class growing up as a child ... I don't if I stil have any of those skills left ...

I completely agree with Lauren W., Modern dance, Martha Graham technique especially, is the best workout you can get. I work ten times harder in my modern class than I do working out at the gym, or taking any other class. Also, there are beginning modern classes to take if you don't have much experience, so you should definitely check it out!
Ballet. If done correctly, you are using your core, legs, back, arms just to stand correctly.
Horton technique modern is amazing, also. Tap is good for cardio.
i'm gonna be in albuquerque for two weeks, i'm from Mexico and i really wanted to have an american dance experience!! does anybody know about a dance school in ABQ where i can find intermediate level jazz clases??? only for these two weeks!!
i've done ballet and hip hop and i have to say ballet is by far one of the best full body workout!
I'd have to go with modern or jazz, too. Layouts, floor work, leaps...both will give you a great cardio and all-over body workout.

I'm a fan of Jazz (I grew up learning Matt Mattox's technique) -- I'm certainly no professional, but the isolaitons of each body part and learning to move them independently is an excellent way to workout and be in tune with how your body can move.

I have to admit though.... tap is my favorite. It makes for great calves and fun cardio!


While it's true that enjoying the form of dance you choose is important to whether or not you will continue with it, that isn't what you asked. You asked which is the best for a full-body workout.

While I'm no expert in any type of dance, I've tried many different forms (including tap, jazz, ballet, modern, salsa, tango, samba, belly dance, and hip hop), and here are my thoughts:

The best total-body workouts are provided by JAZZ and HIP HOP. In general, both of these dances are fast moving and performed to uptempo music. They don't stay on one plane, either--expect to get down on the ground! Your heart will be pumping by the end, and your teacher may even have you do sit-ups and push-ups to build muscle. 

HOWEVER, there are other factors that will influence the level of workout you receive during a dance class, chiefly teacher and technique. While the ballet and modern classes I've been to were slower and focused more on grace than strength or cardio, others may have had different experiences in theirs. Likewise, I've had tougher tap classes than jazz classes, though the reverse is more common. The difference had to do with the teachers.

The best thing to do is contact a studio and ask to try a class. Most will allow you to try one session for free.

Another idea, if you're more concerned with getting a good work out than learning choreography, is to try a dance-based workout class. They seem to be the latest thing, popping up in gyms all over the country. Try willPower + Grace, Zumba, or NIA.

Good luck!

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