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USA Swing Net's 2007 Awards

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:42pm

USA Swing Net just announced the winners of its yearly awards. My general experience with USA Swing Net is that it is overall a pretty useful site, but should probably be named were-trying-to-hide-the-fact-that-this-site-is-written-and-or-run-by-someone-who probably-a-schwimmer-or-at-least-a-good-friend-of-5678-dance-studios-by-talking- about-tatiana-and-jordan-all-the-time-but-we-really-only-care-about-benji-and, and I feel the same about the winners of these awards, for the most part, but still, it's pretty cool.


1. Person of the Year:

"A person or entity who, because of their achievements, actions and example over the past year, demonstrated excellence and helped to enhance the image and growth of Swing in a significant way.":
Mario Robau & Cher Peadon

2. Dance Couple of the Year:

"The couple that has achieved the greatest level of overall excellence based upon competition performance throughout the course of the year."
: Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann

3. Special Impact Person of the Year

"The person or entity that has had a unique impact on Swing dancing in the way of inspiration or unique achievement." : Lacey Schwimmer

4. Special Impact Couple of the Year

"The competition couple that has had a special impact on Swing dancing in the way of inspiration or unique achievement." : Michael Norris & Kellese Key

5. Best Competition Outfits of the Year

"The couple that has made the best use of color, fabric, accents, and creative design in fashioning outfits that highlight their dance movements and enhance the visual image of Swing dancing.": Cody Edwards & Chase Forrester

6. Favorite Dance Routine of the Year

"The most exciting, entertaining competition Swing dance routine of the year.": Brennar Goree & Torri Smith

7. Greatest Dance Moment

"A stunning performance, an indescribable move, a special accomplishment that stands out from all others.": Lacey Schwimmer performing "Father in Heaven" routine on SYTYCD

8. Hero of the Year

"The dance person or entity that has done something very special (eg: helping a dance student or dance organization in a special way, inspiring dancers in a unique way, overcoming great personal obstacles, making a profound difference in the life of another dancer)." : Madison, Wisconsin Swing Dance Club (Dancer Fundraising Drive)

Ok, seriously, they need to stop making up awards just so they can give them to certain people they're friends with. Example: Number 7 needs to be named "The Whichever Schwimmer Was on SYTYCD Award".

Stay on your toes,

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