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Things that I do not know and/or refuse to post about

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:42pm

I've been getting weird search terms again, and a lot of them have something sort of remotely related to something I've posted about but none of the following topics will most likely ever be discussed here because I do not know anything about them.

1. I do not know if Shane Sparks had some sort of relationship with any of the male dancers on SYTYCD. Even if he did, I would not know, nor would I post about it.

2. I also do not know if Allison Holker is pregnant. I'm guessing not from, recent pictures of her, and even if she is, this is her business, not ours.

3. I will not tell you where to buy used pointe shoes to wear in class. The reason pointe shoes are discarded by one dancer is because they are structurally unstable while on pointe because of the amount of previous usage.

4. As far as I know, there is not a video of "Zombie" performed at The Pulse in Chicago. It also does not appear that the studio that performed this dance even has a website. The closest thing to a video of this dance I could find was this:

I take that back. It appears that the studio and company both have official MySpaces. No trace of "Zombie", though: Company Studio

5. Another thing that I do not know and won't devote a post to is: Does Brian Freidman have an iPod. Why do you care? I do not know if he has and iPod, but would assume that he does.

6. Yet another thing I do not know is the release date of A Beautiful Tragedy. I know the same as anyone else. It premiered in January 2008 at the Tromso International Film Festival but hasn't been released on DVD yet.

Stay on your toes,


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