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SYTYCD4 T4 Results Notes/Recap

Posted Aug 11 2008 9:04pm
This is gonna be a short recap. Loved this episode.

T20 is back for the finale. Yuck Susie. Yay Kourtni. Yay Shane Sparks. Very ABDC-esque, very AWESOME routine to Boom by Sin featuring T-Pain. Jessica still isn't back yet, I guess she's still broken. Jamie makes super weird faces in this dance. I do not like him.

Six judges tonight. Mia, Mary, Nigel, Lil' C, Debbie, and Adam. Love these guys.

The movie the winner gets a role in? Step Up 3D. Ugh ugh ugh.

Season journey montage... I think the reason I haven't really cared this season is that all my favorites didn't make it to the T2o. Sigh. This video makes me sort of warm and fuzzy though.

Nigel's favorite routine is Katee and Josh's Bollywood. The look exhausted, but ti's still a fun routine.

Mary's favorite is Courtney and Gev's Rumba. He looks really different. Taller and less creepy.

Then we got a montage of Snuggle Fresh Release Happy Dances and a flash of the winners in the audience.

Next Robert Muraine and Philip Chbeeb battle. I don't particularly enjoy watching this style of dancing, but whatever. Robert wins with votes from all five judges except Mia. This is, apparently, the first televised popping battle.

Adam's favorite dance was Comfort and Twitch's Dave Scott hip hop. I just don't like her. Dave Scott is definitely my favorite of all the hip hop choreographers on SYTYCD, though.

Lil' C's favorite dance was Katee and Joshua's Bleeding Love hip hop. I definitely like some of these dances better when they're just being performed and aren't part of the competition.

Mary and Dmitry do a Samba. Wow. WOW. Yes!

Mia's favorite dance is Katee and Joshua's Pas De Deux choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson. Gorgeous. I love these choreographers.

Adam's favorite dance is Courtney and Mark's Sonya Tayeh piece. This is probably my favorite, too.

And Courtney is cut. See, you know that if they dance right before a cut, it will always be teh T4 person that JUST danced. That's just how it works.

I must say, I really really like Nigel's choreography. This was another of my favorites this season. You just can't beat Five Guys Named Moe.

Wade's Cirque number is next. This is "A homage to the rabbits killed by incompetent magicians". It looks like a combination of Cats, Alice In Wonderland, and some freaky drugs. Wade is CRAZY and I less than three him.

Oh my heck! Katee is cut! I totally expected it to be Twitch going right now. Oh well. Didn't we sort of know a guy would win? Apparently, since this is a competition where they mainly compete in couples, the top girl also gets a prize this year, $50,000. You can tell she is COMPLETELY shocked.

Here comes the Debbie Allen tap students. I love how its like 10-13 year olds and then Sarah who is tiny enough to fit in with them and not look out of place... except that she dances so much better than everyone else. Damn! Nigel can TAP. Who expected syncopated wings and single foot pullbacks out of him? Not me!

Mary's next favorite dance was Katee and Josh's Mia piece with the door. I finally figured out that there's a space between the top of the actual door and the door frame. That's how they manage that swing thing when he slams it while she's hanging on to the top. I can't wait to see this on tour.

Debbie's favorite is the Dances for Disabled Daughters (think S3 Dead Daddy Dance. DDD) Viennese Waltz that Jean Marc did for Kherrington and Twitch. I still just don't like this one very much.

Nigel's next favorite routine was Katee and Josh's No Air hip hop. Pretty much every dance on this thing is Katee and Josh. I actually really like this piece now.

Dance of the has-beens is next. Travis needs to close his mouth when he turns. Donyelle got clear braces- and engaged. Alli had a baby. She was really pretty when she was on season 2. Benji's here and a total cornball, but Lacey and Heidi are nowhere to be seen. Ivan, Jaimie, Hok, Dominic, Ryan, Melody, various others from seasons past, and the dancers mentioned above are all in a big number specially choreographed for the finale. Wait, this is the exact same thing they did on Idol Gives Back. It really truly is. Did they really think they fooled us with that one?

Now, its down to the final 2. Who will win,Josh or Twitch? It's a no brainer, people. Josh takes the title, the movie role, and the quarter mil.

Already looking forward to next season!

Stay on your toes,


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