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SYTYCD Season 3 Episode 8 Review

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:01pm

First off, I must say that once again, the stand out routine was the one Wade Robson choreographed. And our "Favorite Dancer" from last year now seems like Creepster McCheesyPants. Although, it seems Kameron is taking a fashion que from his dance partner's big brother. He went for that signature Benji "geek chic" look with a tuxedo print tee shirt.

Monday was Nigel's birthday. At the beginning of the show, he made a mini-speech about the online petition to reinstate Jessi Peralta in the competition (which now has over 4000 signatures) and how technically, because there was not a voting number for her last week because she did not perform she received 0 votes therefore placing her in the bottom 3 and it was logical to remove someone with a potentially serious medical problem from the competition.

Gross. They just announced the guest artist to sing tomorrow and it's Hilary Duff. That'll be one segment to fast forward and/or mute through.

Now down to business:

Kamcey, the supposed "Benjelle 2" of this season were first up this episode with a Hustle by Maria Torres. She looks and sounds VERY manly. I wouldn't be surprised if she were transsexual. Tonight in the intro segments before they dance, the contestants reveal something that America probably doesn't know about them. Lacey talked about how she is a hair model. She said that she couldn't control what the stylists did to her hair so she would have crazy colors, lengths, and styles all the time. She now has a weave to cover up her real, cut off hair. Kameron told us that sometimes he likes to skydive and ride motorcycles. He referred to himself as a daredevil probably meaning he isn't really one.... Many Hustle jokes were made during the choreography class usually involving people singing "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!". Most of Lacey's costume has no back and I was surprised her butt or something wasn't hanging out by the end of the dance. The song was "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". I personally think that they should have used the Sanjaya Malakar version just for laughs. I noticed something about Lacey during this segment: her face DOESN'T MOVE AT ALL when she talks. It's kind of scary. The routine wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad at all. They've had the 2 "Kiss of Death" dances for SYTYCD 2 weeks in a row and they've rocked both of them. Adam Said: Awesome showmanship. It was amazing and beautiful. Mary Said: They're "Definitely Hustlin' it!". Kameron seemed a little uncomfortable but it was the first true hustle in SYTYCD history. Nigel Said: Kameron is still somewhat proplike; It's not because he was a bad dancer but because Lacey "outshines" him. He told Lacey that she is like Travis and Benji combined and that she is much better than her brother.

Shauna and Cedric performed a Mambo choreographed by Alex De Silva. Alex told us that he usually only brings one assistant with him to rehearsals but when he heard he was teaching Cedric, he decided to bring three. Eek. One thing that we didn't know about Shauna is that she has been a snowboarder since age six. Her father owns a surf/ski/snowboard shop so that's how she got into it. Cedric, well, Cedric used to dress up as a giant purple and gold kitty.... he was a school mascot. That was a little awkward. The dance itself isn't too interesting especially compared to Benji and Heidi's Alex De Silva Mambo from last season. Cedric's costume looked like a guy straight out of the movie musical, Chicago. The dance is mostly spinning and walking. It sucks. A lot. Adam Said: It was a lot better than he expected and Shauna was amazing but it was missing something. Mary Said: Every week she has really, really wanted Cedric to go home since Vegas week but now she wants him to stay. Also, she said that they did amazingly well picking up a ballroom style in their 5 1/2 hours with the choreographer.. Nigel Said: It was "tight" He is very, very proud.

Anya revealed that she is a certified lawyer in Russia and the United States and that when she used to live in Russia, she was EXTREMELY blonde. They showed pictures and she definitely looks better brunette. Danny likes sunglasses. Yippee. Such a HUGE secret. My theory is that he has no personality and is all arrogant and such.They danced a contemporary routine by Tyce Diorio. Tyce explained that the dance was about a man
and a woman, not a girl and a boy, and how it was "Too late to apoligize". From the choreography, it seemed to be about domestic violence but she kept coming back to him anyway. It was really amazing but mostly showed off Danny, not Anya. I thought that the Kamcey "Dancing" contemporary piece from a few weeks ago was a lot better than this, though. Adam Said: Danny is the most beautiful male dancer he has ever seen. He felt that Danny was disconnected from Anya and seemed somewhat "inside himself". I personally thought that the dance had no emotion at all and that the reason for the disconnection is because Danny is arrogant and cocky and weird. Mary Said: It was ridiculously great. Nigel Said: Someone needs to tell all the contemporary choreographers that not all relationships end with someone walking away. He didn't really comment on the dancing but seemed to like it. He said something about Danny which caused him and Adam to fight over the fact that Nigel doesn't think Danny's arrogant and Adam thinks that he is very, very arrogant.

Pasha is a computer geek. He takes them apart and puts the parts together and installs all the programs to them. Sara was a competitive figure skater from when she was in 4th grade to 7th grade. She said that it is another way besides dance for her to express herself. For their first week as a couple, Sara and Pasha dance a West Coast Swing piece by Benji Schwimmer and Heidi Groskreutz. They SCARE ME. While trying to explain what WCS is about, Benji made some comment about how Dmitry had to teach him how to get that "sexy Russian thing" down. Pasha then mutters under his breath "It didn't help." Their dance looks like every competition Swing dance ever per formed by Benji and Heidi/Benji and Lacey/Parker and Lacey/Benji and Tatiana/ Heidi and Jordan all mushed together complete with their signature partnered cartwheels. Nigel Said: MAGIC! Mary Said: Sara jumped up to the plate . WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sabra confirmed for all her fans that she was, in fact, in HSM as a "Skater Punk". She had a cap on so you can't really recognize her from her signature afro hair. Dominic has a "secret crush" on someone on the show this season. After about five minutes of babble, he reveals that is in love with Cat Deeley. He said "Seven feet tall, white teeth, and a French accent. What couldn't you love?". Umm, Dominic: she's British. They are given a style which I would call "Lyrihop", a.k.a. lyrical Hip-Hop, choreographed by Shane Sparks. Shane said something about Sabra, Dominic, the song, and the choreography all being hot. Sabra was picking up the choreography well, just had trouble making it natural. And then she randomly threw herself into this amazing freeze. Yeah, it's really unnatural. The dance kind of seems to be the Hip Hop version of the Travis and Heidi contemporary from last year except with chairs instead of a bench. It also seems that Lacey"s commentary on Mia Michaels' choreography applies to this dance. But, it was really pretty. Yes, I just managed to use Hip-Hop and pretty in the same sentence. Adam Said: He liked the story and emotion behind the dance. It brought Hip-Hop back to what dance truly is, storytelling through movement. Mary Said: This did it for her. Magic. *silent scream*. Nigel Said: It was terrible.......... that it lasted for such a short time. He compared it to Ivan and Allison's umbrella hip-hop from last season.

Jaimie used to want to be a basketball player. She never played basketball and doesn't know anything about it but, that's what she wanted to be when she grew up. Hok grew up playing the violin and still occasionally still performs. No surprise there. I noticed that I own one of the shirts he was wearing in the clips. Creepy. They dance an American Standard Waltz by Heather Smith. She explains that in this style of waltz, there can actually be a story unlike other styles. In this piece, Hok is dying and Jaimie is trying to get him to come back. Jaimie has a crush on Hok. She's acting all creepy now. Her and Benji should hook up and then they can go be weirdos together. Hok seems to die at the end of the dance and Jaimie shows off her amazing extension. Not much waltzing, though. Adam Said: He doesn't see a practical use for this style outside of ballroom of competitions. Also, he felt sorry for Hok because it was so awkward watching him do this style. Yikes. Mary Said: She doesn't like the quality of Hok's movement. It seems to be the "Let's Rag On Hok" week. Nigel Said: He feels the choreography made you forget that you were watching a waltz.

Lauren and Neil are the lucky one that get Wade Robson as their choreographer. Lauren explains that she has an alter ego, Mischa Chen because she is asked if she's Asian all the time. Neil can do a really good Wookie (Star Wars) sound. My dog was watching the show with me and he answered Neil's Wookie call. It was hilarious. Their goal this week is to not be in the Bottom 3. This dance is a comic book like story of good vs. evil. Lauren is an innocent angel and Neil is a devil type disguised as a gentleman. Of course, the dance ends up amazing. At the end, Lauren grabs Neil by the spiky hair and throws him on the ground. The music is by the same artist as the Ramma Lamma Bang Bang song from last season. Wade must like her. Adam Said: This is what the competition is about. Neil was better this week because it wasn;t just about his tricks. Mary Said: She's afraid of Neil. She didn't think he would pull it off but he did and was intense. Nigel Said: He was glad that Wade gave them characters to play in the dance. _It adds meat to the choreography bones. Ooooookay then.

Overall a good show. I definitely voted.

Stay on your toes,


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