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SYTYCD Season 3, Episode 2

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:01pm

Stupid FOX messed up again and I'm pretty sure most of the region missed the 1st minute and a half of SYTYCD this episode. It was a two hour episode tonight featuring auditions in L.A. and Chicago.

L.A. Day 1

Lauren Gottiled- Probably another one of those 18 year olds that end up on the show and never go to college. She is/was a choreographer's assistant for Tyce Dirorio last year. Was the girl who helped him teach Heidi and Donyelle their Broadway duet to "Hey, Big Spender". According to Mary she "Commanded attention". I think she meant to say that she DEmanded attention but I'm not sure. Went straight to Vegas.

Jessica Peralta- Don't really remember this one, just reading my notes. She danced lyrical/contemporary to "Like A Star" by Corinne Bailey Rae. She seemed to be the only one who actually wanted to get an honest critique, not an "Oh, you were soooooo great" even of she wasn't that good. Went straight to Vegas.

EJ Ciara- Very fat hairstylist. Has amazing leaps and is OK for a such a large person but compared to other great dancers, he pretty much sucked. Nigel hates him and says he dances like a girl who can't dance. He also keeps rolling on the ground and rubbing himself.

Collin- KUH-RAZEE!! He said "I went farther intp the blood cell and unlocked the key to life, maybe death, immortality." He seems to be on his own planet. Supposed Anna Nicole Smith came to his birthday party one year and he held her and she held him and told him "Happy Birthday". He then started crying over her death. When he danced he seemed even crazier than in his interview.

Olivia Usey- She's 18 and hasn't danced in 3 years because of some medication she was out on that gave her liver problems. Her mother hfound out she had breast cancer and when was asked by Olivia what she could do to help, said to audition for SYTYCD. Her technique isn't up to par but, heck: SHE HASN'T DANCED IN 3 YEARS! They sent her to choreography and she kept crying about how this is what her mom wants her to do.

Bryce Cleverly- a.k.a. The Golden Inferno. Wears a gold mask and tie that he refuses to take off. He is the self declared national champion at jump dancing (below) which supposedly originated in Romania, Belgium, or Holland. He can't remember. He pretty much sucks but they send him to choreography.

Amanda Vivora- "Hip-Hop with a little bit of ballet". OK, then. This was very odd. She was ok-ish at the hip-hop at irst but then did this thing where she stood then got on her knees one at a time, stood back up, sat down in pike, and bounced on her butt. Weird.

Kurt Myers and Dia Beck- He hasn't stopped hiccuping for 7 years and she has a weird winking tick thing. What a perfect couple. Dia has a balance problem and Kurt is a good partner. All the judges laugh themselves to tears at the guy's hiccups.

Choreography, Day 1

They have 30 minutes to learn a hip-hop routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. Olivia, Kurt, and Dia all make it to Vegas.

L.A. Day 2

Jesus Soliro- A Latin/Contemo dancer from Paso Robles. He also makes his own wine along with dancing. His father doesn't approve of him dancing and he wants to show him how he's improved. not amazing but not bad either. Went to Vegas.

Hok Konishi- The guy that got to the Top 20 last year but had to back out because he didn't have a work Visa. Yes, this is the guy Benji replaced, and frankly, I'm glad he couldn't compete. He was even better at his character style breaking/hip-hop than last year. I hope he gets to the top 20. Went to Vegas.

Dominic Sandoval- B-boy type dancer. He's good at that style, but that's probably all he can do. He got sent to Vegas.

Benji and Lacey Schwimmer- America's Favorite Dancer is BACK!!!! He ran around screaming and yelling and signing autographs and throwing himself on the ground before they even showed that Lacey (his little sister) was there to audition. Lacey looks exactly like Heidi except not as tiny. I was disappointed in their choreography. It looked like they mushed together every dance Benji and Heidi or Lacey and Benji or Lacey and that Parker person had ever done. It was still pretty awesome, though. I just hope she doesn't get farther than equally talented people because of her family ties. THROUGH TO VEGAS!! :)'

Chicago Day 1

By now I was too tired of writing to take notes. Shane Sparks was the guest judge with Mary and Nigel. There was an Allison fan, a fat hip-hopper, an Allison look-alike, a guy without a leg, and a girl without an arm. None of them stood out as absolutely horrible or amazingly awesome. I can't wait till next week. Go Vegas! Go top 20! Boo Cat Deeley!

Stay on your toes,


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