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SYTYCD, Season 3, Episode 1

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:01pm

The Official SYTYCD Website

The new season just started and already I don't like it as much as Season 2. Now, maybe it's just because I ALWAYS hate the audition portions of reality shows, but I can't tell yet. I mean really: What's the point of having a show called "So You Think You Can Dance" when all they show for the first two weeks of every season are people who think they can dance but simply cannot?

  • Cat Deeley- First off, I must say that although she may be a good show in some people's eyes, I really believe that she couldn't be more annoying if she tried! She can't even say half the people's names correctly. I know it's all because of her accent but does anyone remember any contestants named "Hi-day", "Ben-jay", or "Marthur" ever appearing on the show last year? NO! My theory is that they are her multiple personalities that she talks to throughout the shows and they just happen to have similar names to contestants. I guess she did OK the 1st episode but she still annoys the heck out of me.
  • Judges- Nigel, Mary, and Dan were the audition judges in New York this time around. Mary seems to add good opinions to the critiques that are given to the auditionees but that laugh and scream. Weird. I don't dislike her; in fact I really respect her views and enjoy her choreography but she reminds me a little too much af the Paula Abdul of SYTYCD. I've always thought that Nigel is the best judge. some people say his critiques are too harsh and/or mean but they really are the truth. If you suck, he'll tell you and some people definitely need to be told. I don't have much to say about Dan. He's always been kind of a wallflower to me. He isn't as important as Nigel, as loud as Mary, or as opinionated as Mia. I can't even think of one thing he choreographed last year.
My beloved show has lost sooooo many judges/choreographers this season, though. I'm glad to see the "Ghetto Twins" (wow, the site doesn't tell me and I don't remember their names), "Disco Queen" (Doriana Sanchez), and "That Guy Who Did Waltzes and Quick Step" (Ron Montez) go, I will REALLY miss Brian and Tyce, my 2nd and 3rd favorite favorite choreographers next to Mia.

  • Dancers- Well, David Kenneth "SEX" Soller was back. And this time he brought his mommy. She said something along the lines of "You can't take my son's dream away from him!" to Nigel. He can dream to be a dancer. That doesn't mean he will be. I could sit around all day dreaming that if I jumped in front of a moving bus, I could walk away uninjured but that does not at all mean that I could! Stanislav brought in his sister to audition, and I'm pretty sure she's the talented one in the family. I'll have to wait and see if she's in the Top 20. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the performance that Nigel basically told the girl he didn't see how anyone would ever consider what she did anything close to dancing because apparently monkeys run our local FOX network. The student and teacher pair was OK. A little too slutty for my taste. They both had good technique, bad choreography but the student was definitely the better one. I'd like to see her in the top 20.

Good news: at the end of this episode when Cat read the teasers for next week and they showed clips from the upcoming episodes, I swear I saw Benji Schwimmer (last year's winner) walking down a street in LA when she mentioned something about "a few familiar faces". So, that gets me excited for next week.

Stay on your toes,

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