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SYTYCD Notes/recap

Posted Jun 02 2008 6:03pm
My notes on the SYTYCD premiere. They're unedited and uncut so if I don't make sense, that's why.

Johnathon- Italian stripper dude. Hot and knows it. Cannot dance at all. Mia is shocked said sex. B-boy flips and tricks. Is flippant to judges. Sent to choreography. Mia hates. CUT.

Sex- Third audition. He thinks he did extremely well those times. Has actually improved slightly this year. Runs off stage and hides. Mia thinks her better a little. Mary has a fit. Still sucks. Is questioned about training and makes a bigger idiot of himself.

Laura- visually impaired contemporary dancer. Sort of bad but is applauded because of disability. Technique is not strong. Mia is sobbing. So is dancer. Mia knows other blind dancer and is extremely moved. Cut.

Twitch- lost top 20 spot to Hok. Gonna be serious but not emo or funny. Adds a little contemporary to hip hop. Mia and Mary love. Stupid and sick and stinky according to M's. Vegas.

Irina- old Russian chick that has danced all her life but never pro. Separated from husband. Is pretty bad but is pleasant about getting cut. Separated from husband. Promises to vote.

William- AMAZING music about social issues and what kids think is "cool". Contemporary hip hop. Not the greatest audition, but a powerful piece. I want to see more. Too "clever" but really, really good according to Nigel. Too short. Mia says is beautiful and honors statement but agrees it was not a good audition choice. Choreography.
I just found this guys music. it was Baba Says Cool For Thought by Lupe Fiasco. Lyrics:
They thought it was cool to burn crosses in your front lawn as they hung you from trees in
Your backyard.
They thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and stranded;
He thought it was cool to carry a gun in his classroom and open fire, Virginia Tech, Columbine;
Stop the violence.
They thought it was cool to tear down the projects and put up million-dollar condos;
They think it's cool to stand on the block hiding products in their socks making quick dime bag
They think it's cool to to ride down on you in blue and white unmarked cars, bustin' you upside
Yo' head.
Freeze... cause the problem is we think it's cool too.
Check your ingredients before you overdose on the cool.

Rijiy (Russian for "redhead")- strips down to tighty whities. Has good technique, but almost too raw or something. Costume is distracting. Trying to represent pureness. Flashes his, ahem, private areas during a split roll on the floor. Yikes. Nigel is in shock. Not good. Everyone questions underwear choice. Mia understands idea but says there are other ways of allowing them to know that he is a clean slate. Cut.

Travis Wall teaches choreo round. He's awesome, but almost everyone SUCKS at the choreography. Philip (popper from SYTYCD3) is sent to Vegas.

Erika- third year auditioning. Contemporary dancer. Has nervous issues around SYTYCD judges. Is actually pretty good. Black booty shorts and turtleneck. Mia thinks she has wonderful standout qualities. Understands lessons and mistakes from past years. Is much better today than in past. Mary is glad she came back. Erika cries. Vegas.

Leonidas and Aliona- this year's Russian Latin ballroom dancers. Will make it to top 20. Very good. I like Anya and Pasha better. Nigel says they're on his hot tamale trolley car. They're "classy" and "hot" according to the M's. Aliona looks like pre-nose job Ashlee Simpson. Vegas.

Randy- omigod, he ruined this song for me! I have to dance to this song this weekend! Eew! Cut.

Edwin- Older Hispanic hip hopper. Falls over. Cannot dance. Cut.

Victor- B-boy. Asian. LA. Sickstep? I don't know anything about breaking, but he looks like he's really good at it. And funny. A little over the top with the humor attempts, though. Nigel and Mia and Mary ♥ him. He does not want to be an accountant and just wants to learn about more dance. Choreography.

Dom and Hok are back. Dom pretends to be Cat. I assume they're sitting in on the auditions?

Gold Inferno-"I am a practitioner of jump style. My lack of versatility led to my demise". He is making an iiot of himself. PLEASE take the mask off. PLEASE stop dancing except for your own fun. Flails and jumps about. Looks at the floor. Nigel is trying to get him to use facial expression. Judges have fun dancing in their seats to his techno music. Weighed 480 pounds 16 months ago... is he kidding? I think he's kidding. Mia wonders why he wants to do this. Has not improved. Cut.

Ricky and Asuka- ok, maybe they'll be this year's Latin ballroom dancers. I don't know a thing about ballroom, but they don't look as technically excellent as ballroom dancers on past seasons. Have only danced together for 3 months. Mia wanted movement bigger but loved. Nigel ♥s their connection. Choreography.

Kherington- soccer player turned dancer. This year's Sabra. You know, hasn't been dancing for long. Love the song. She's actually a very good dancer, just needs a LOT more ballet classes. I hate iot when they look like they're about to go into a huge leap and just stop. It disturbs the flow of the piece and is distracting. Dom ♥s her. She's really raw and green. The judges are loving her. She's "honest".

I'm stopping with the notes now for the last few minutes of this. Bye!

Stay on your toes,

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