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Swing Kids

Posted by C.L. R.

If you are looking for a fun way to exercise and meet the opposite sex at the same time, check out Swing Dancing! There is an entire swing society in the United States, with swing events that occur all over the country. Many of these are swing weekends, or a dance event that goes for the entire weekend. Most of the venues provide lessons, as well as hours devoted strictly to dancing. One of the most interesting parts about dancing to swing is the etiquette involved. Although we've all seen the movies where the guy throws the girl over his head, etc. etc., that type of move should never be attempted if you are dancing with someone you are unfamiliar with. To try and showboat is considered extremely bad form, as well as dangerous. Also, although it is okay to interrupt a dance and steal someone's partner, it's considered bad form to simply chat with someone if they are dancing with another. Interesting, this swing thing. If you have considered swing dancing, check online for the various swing groups available. Odds are, if you live in a large enough city, there are frequent swing dancing events. And if nothing else, you can plan a getaway to one of the many swing weekends out there and have yourself a swinging time.
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USA Swing Network [] seems to be the prominent website for orgnanized swing dancing. It seems like a lot of fun, but like a lot of other dance you've got to be pretty coordinated !
For students, the Dance Dept offers Living Traditions of Swing and Social Dance 1 and 2. Richard Powers also teaches Thursday night classes which often include swing at Roble Gym. You can find more info at Swing Kids, a student group, also hosts swing dancing in White Plaza every Sunday from 12-2pm. Check us out at Off-campus, Swing Central in Redwood City hosts classes and a dance on Tuesday evenings (, and Steppin Out Productions has a Lindy Hop Night on Wednesdays (
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