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Salsa Without a Partner!

Posted by Laura B.

Have you always wanted to learn salsa, but don't have a partner to accompany you to dance lessons? Do you get nervous dancing one-on-one? Try Salsa Rueda! Rueda means "wheel" in Spanish, and the name is fitting. Instead of standing in pairs, the dancers stand in a circle. Each move is called by a Leader, so that the group dances in sync. As such, it is somewhat like a Cuban square-dance. One of the great things about Salsa Rueda is the group dynamic it creates. Everyone smiles, laughs, and dances together, as "followers" move throughout the circle in sequence, spending limited time with each of the "leaders." Dance! Socialize! Rueda!
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When I took a salsa class, I didn't have a partner, and I also was really nervous when it came to dancing with strangers. Also, I love the idea of Salsa Rueda because I think that dancing in pairs of follower/leader can be somewhat limiting. This takes salsa out of the sexy, gendered connotations and into an arena that feels more communal and fun.
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