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More Dance Tips - For Beginners

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Find the beat. Before you start dancing, listen to the music and find the beat. Keep it in your head.
Good technique. Even if you're not trying to win competitions, dancing with proper technique will make you look and move better out there on the dance floor.
Have fun. Dancing is about fun, so don't take yourself too seriously.
It's the shoes. If you're serious about dancing, you may want to invest in pair of dance shoes with smooth soles. They'll help you move more smoothly.
Know your partner's limits. Learn your dance partner's limits so you don't push him or her to do something that can cause injury.
Less is more. If you're not that comfortable dancing, make small, basic moves like swaying and moving from side to side.
Listen to The music. Dancing was inspired by the music that made people want to move. Listen and enjoy it.
Make eye contact. If you're dancing with a partner, be sure to make eye conact.
Move with it. Let the music be your guide and move your body with the beat.
No clenched fists. Clenching your fists while dancing will make you look extremely tense. Don't do it.
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