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More Dance Tips - Avoiding Injury

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Proper technique. Many injuries are caused by doing moves incorrectly, so take time to learn proper technique.
Stay balanced. Try to keep a balance between your left and right leg strength, to avoid muscle imbalance and overworking issues.
Stretch everyday. Lots of dance moves require your legs to be limber, so stretch everyday to improve your dancing.
Strong abs. To avoid injuring your spine while dancing, work on keeping your abs and core muscles strong. Crunches and Pilates can help.
Strong back. To avoid injuring your spine while dancing, keep your back muscles strong.
Strong knees. To prevent knee injuries while dancing, spend time strengthening your knee and hip muscles.
Strong legs. To avoid injury while dancing, work on strengthening the leg muscles that support your arch.
Warm up. Leave a few minutes early for your dance lessons and give yourself some time to warm up your body before class.
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