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Like to Dance? Give Nia a try

Posted by Julie M.

Several friends of mine who know that ballet is one of my favorite workouts have suggested I try a Nia class. It isn’t offered at my gym, but there are other facilities in San Francisco, such as the Jewish Community Center, that do have Nia, so I think I’ll check it out. Nia stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action and combines elements of tai chi, yoga, and dance. Once reason it appeals to people of different ages and fitness levels is that Nia not only provides a cardio workout as well as strengthening and toning muscles, but it also helps to relieve anxiety. Its blend of Western and Eastern movements, done barefoot, work with and against gravity in a variety of different movement speeds, styles, and ranges of motion. So it is a little like yoga and a lot like modern dance. And like both dance and yoga, Nia can improve your grace and flexibility along with giving you a total body workout and a sense of relaxation. Sounds like a winner!

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