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Lacking men

Posted by Gina F.

Isn't it annoying that there are NO MEN to dance with unless you bring a partner. I like hip hop where you don't need a partner, but really really want to learn ballroom!!!
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Umm...wait, that title could possibly be taken the wrong way...hehehe...what I mean is, there seems to be a man shortage in a lot of physical activities that women like. Why aren't there more men in yoga? I mean, it would seem to be a good place for these guys to meet the ladies. (Not that I want cheesy dudes hitting on everything in sight in class, but still...) Men also don't seem to join adult education classes as much either. There is one place where there are lots of men - martial arts.
I think you're wrong because I am a guy who likes to dance. Actually I'm looking for salsa lessons around dothan, but true salsa lessons no cardio or something like that. I really want to learn because it's becoming really popular in my hometown. I also want to take those lessons because I want to meet people around my age because I'm not from here(Dothan, neither Alabama) Could you recommend me a good place to take lessons? I will appreciate you help
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