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Just Dance

Posted Oct 03 2010 9:38pm

I say if you want to be healthy you need to be happy. 

It would be hard to be healthy if you weren't happy and getting healthy can be hard.  And that's why millions of us don't get healthy, because it's hard and usually not much fun.   We like doing the things that make us unhealthy, the pleasure (how ever negative it is) is greater to us in the moment than the payoff of changing that behavior and choosing something healthier.  Choosing not so healthy day after day eventually leads us to breaking down, getting sick, and having to work hard anyway to get feeling better.

So why not try happy first?  Find that one thing that truly really gets you happy and then Dance with it.  Whatever it is, painting, birdwatching, fishing, playing an instrument, swinging at the playground, playing with legos, doing housework, gardening, writing a book, having a tea party, fixing a car, building an airplane ... or taking a dance lesson.  Find out what it is that makes you the most happiest you could ever imagine feeling and try it out.  And then keep doing it and doing it and feel those happy feelings and let them take you over for awhile.

Then make your next move whatever that is to get you to the next step of healthy.  Less food, better food, more sleep, more movement, take a walk, you'll know what you need to do next, but little by little build your happiness plan stick to it, add a little more and then reevaluate.l

I've been working for over 25 years helping people feel better through exercise and my fitness philosophy has always been, we gotta have fun.  Not enough of it in this world, especially for job-oriented adults.  Remember how you felt when you were about 8 years old.  Try and grab some of it back, the energy, the enthusiasm, the wonder and curiosity, it was all there and we lost it but get it back, have fun with it, DANCE with it. 


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