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In response to odd search terms

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:01am

I've seen a trend in the search terms that lead to my blog, but many of them are dance related but irrelevant to this site. So, I've decided to try and address some of these popular questions:

1.) Why did Shauna Noland replace Lacey Schwimmer on the SYTYCD tour?

Lacey had a torn meniscus and was in California for physical therapy/recovery. She recently had surgery to correct this. See her homepage here .

2.) What's the deal with this new movie called A Beautiful Tragedy? And who's this Oksana Skorik person? Is she related to Irene Skorik?

Here is the official A Beautiful Tragedy website. Also, see my post about the film here . And, I have no idea if there is any connection between Oksana and Irene.

3.) Any news on So You Think You Can Dance?

Since I've attempted to stop writing excessively about SYTYCD, I'd recommend you get your fix of SYTYCD news/gossip at

4.) Who liked The Hard Nut? Who didn't?

Personally, I loathed this production of the Nutcracker. But some people love it .

5.) Were Wade and Amanda Robson really commissioned by SFB?

Yes. Or, according to his website they were. I'm not finding much else on this anywhere else, though.

6.) Where can I find information about NYCDA? And where is that Dusty person? In London?

New York City Dance Alliance has a blog , a Myspace page , a Youtube channel , and a website . I would recommend looking there. Dusty Button is dancing at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Her homepage can be found here .

7.) I read somewhere that there will be a Center Stage 2? True or false?

Yes, there will be a Center Stage 2 . It will star Ethan Stiefel and Rachelle Smith. Yes, this girl's sister competed at Youth America Grand Prix this past summer. It will be yet another movie about the fusion/clash of ballet and hip hop.

8.) Where can I find that commercial for the iPhone with Kristin Sloan?

9.) What are the parts of those strange shoes ballerinas use to stand on their toes called? They've always fascinated me.

My post on the anatomy of a pointe shoe can be found here . Capezio also has a nice chart explaining this on their website . Pointe shoes do not contain wood. They never have. The first pointe shoes worn by Marie Taglioni were similar to soft slippers of today with toes reinforced by ribbons and darning. Dancers began to experiment with hardening the toes and soles of their pointe shoes with whatever was available to them at the time. A company in Russia began using paste, burlap, canvas, and paper to harden their shoes because that was what they had. The modern pointe shoe was born.

10.)Where can I find information on swing dancing?

I check USASwingNet occasionally for updates on competition results, etc. They also have a large list of competitions, workshops, and much more.

11.) What is your opinion on Miller and Ben tap shoes? They're so cool looking!

First off, I would not suggest buying Miller and Ben tap shoes to anyone that isn't an advanced tapper. They are expensive and extremely hard to break in and if you have a custom order and they aren't right for a reason other than a defect, you can't return them. I know they're very pretty and funky looking and not many people have seen lime green taps before, but resist the urge to splurge. It is also crucial that you get fitted for these, not just order them online. According to their sizing chart, I would wear a size that is two sizes larger than what I actually need. These are kind of like pointe shoes in the way that you can't fit them well from a chart. My personal opinion on these shoes: I love them. They're pretty awesome looking for special performances and even though they're hard to break in and expensive, I would've gone through enough pairs of $40 dollar shoes by now that it would've cost close to the same as the Miller and Bens.

12.) Can I injure the top of my foot dancing?

Yes. I recently pulled a muscle on the top of my left foot by landing a turn weirdly in my jazz class. I stayed in class for the next few weeks but took it easy and now it feels fine.

13.) I have two left feet. Is there any technique that'll help me?

Ballet is key to everything except maybe the type of dancing you would do in a nightclub. It will be hard at first. In fact, it will always be hard. But, ballet can benefit your dancing and every day life including things like posture, steadiness on your feet, and grace.

14.) How can I get noticed by the teachers at a big dance convention?

Dress nicely. Nicely does not mean a mesh bra, booty shorts, and nothing else. Wear a leo and tights. Look professional. Stand towards the front of the room, but don't shove people out of your way to get there. If you don't understand something, ask the teacher. Thank the teacher and assistants after class.

15.) Does Allison Holker have a blog?

No. But, her Myspace page is here .

16.) Are there any ballet summer intensives that don't require an audition but still have good training?

Pacific Ballet

St. Louis Ballet

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Complexions Contemporary Ballet Choreography Workshop

Royal Ballet School

School of Scottish Ballet

Vaganova Ballet Academy

17.) Am I too old/fat/lazy too take ____?

As long as you are young/old/healthy enough to be in motion/stand for an hour and follow directions from a teacher, there is a dance class out there for you.

Stay on your toes,


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