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i think i pull the ligament or muscle ...

Posted by Ballerina


I am a dancer and I have got lots of classes and rehearsals at the moment and from last sunday I've got this weird pain on my calf ( at the outside, lower calf) and it hurts to walk as well. I really dont think i pull the muscle.... it hurts to touch as well.

My friend told me epsom salt helps and I tried but it doesnt really work for me. What should I do ??


Thank you

Looking forward to hear from you !

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You may have pulled the lateral calf muscle.  Try gently stretching the calf. To hit the lat calf more turn you foot in and stretch (like your pigeon toed).  The opposite works to stretch the medial calf - turn your foot out and stretch.

I would also try ice on it to relax the muscle and reduce any inflammation.  If it's been a couple days you can try heat too which may help.

Lastly, if it doesn't seem like it's a pulled calf it may be stemming from the lower back.  So you can try ice on the low back also.  Another thing that may help is biofreeze natural pain relief gel-

Hope this helps.


Thank you so muchh !! I went to see the doctor in the end and its now getting better ! its really hard because im a dancer so ......

but thank you so much ! it realy dd help !! xx

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