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I have pain in the bottom of my foot when i walk and it stops when i go to bed and when i get up in the morning its seems swolle

Posted by deedee

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I'm no doctor and it's best to get something diagnosed before it can become a chronic problem. Having said that, I had a similar thing going on in the past with my foot.  I'm a group exercise instructor so my feet take a beating. But this didn't flare up until I increased my running.  My pain was located in the arch of my foot and hurt more when I first got out of bed, but I didn't notice swelling.  I had plantar fasciitis. I ended up getting orthotics for more arch support and the right kind of running shoes and this helped alot.  I also had to rest from some of the activities I was doing for awhile until the inflammation subsided.  Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
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