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I don't know why I feel compelled to do this, but I do

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:29pm

Search term time again. Some very incorrect ones this time. I really don't know why I feel the need to do posts like this, but sometimes things that people search to get here just beffle me and/or make me want to somehow possibly tell the person that searched that "No, you're wrong". Anywho, let's get on with it.


It is like Defying Gravity, only a pop remix. It is on YouTube here and can be purchased on iTunes here .

Do you have to dance en pointe?

No. You do not have to dance en pointe. All you have to do is pay taxes and breathe. You don't even have to pay taxes. You could breathe in jail.

What kind of pointe shoes does Darcy Bussell wear?

I'm not positive, so don't put money on it, but I'm fairly sure she wears Freeds.

Whatever happened to Nick Lazzarini?

Last I heard he was teaching at iHollywoodDance .

Is Avi Miller's son Logan Miller?

If you mean this Avi Miller and this Logan Miller , then no. If you are referring to other Avis and Logans, then I have absolutely no idea.

Stay on your toes,


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