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hip hop clubs/classes

Posted by Danielle P.

I've taken some hip hop classes and really really like them. I'm trying to meet some people who want to go out dancing though as no one in my classes will bust a move in a club. Any of you guys do that??
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It is great that you have learned dancing and are brave enough to flaunt it out there. Me - I am also getting there but I guess I am like the people in your dance class- I cannot get out there until I have all the moves down right. Here is wishing you lots of fun.
Yeah. I would go dancing with you. I am looking for a hip hop dance class to get in shape myself.
I really like dancing too, none of my friends are down though. I would go and cut a rugg with cha.
hey i do danielle p. what are you doing this saturday?me&my cuzin hip hop dance all the time.i just went to a gemini party on friday and really showed what i had and had the whole club on if ur down holla @me on myspace (search-first name)Sheena Phipps or hit me up on here
I'm looking for a beginners hip hop class in the area. I've been a dancer since I was little, but I've taken some time off, and I'm feeling really rusty. Does anyone know of any around?
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