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Does anyone have ideas on how to add exercise

Posted by Gypsy H.

im a sedentary woman that needs to find ways to move every day does anyone out here know of any websites that have tips on adding exercise ?
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Hi Gypsy H! The link here is an article I wrote on using a physio ball for exercises. Physio balls are wonderful, because exercising on them is zero impact on your joints. You'll get some ideas from this. You can get a high quality ball from - the chiropractic office I go to orders them from this site. The site helps you select the right size. If there are any local classes you can go to, it would get you started well. Then you can decide whether to continue, or work at home. All the best!

Gypsy, I'm not sure how active you are looking to be but I saw this was posted in Dance. When I was just over 300 lbs., I took tap classes. I know! Sounds impossible, but it wasn't. It was great cardio exercise and it was tons of fun. My local dance studio had a class just for adults. The nice thing about it is, you can take it at your own pace.

It never felt like exercise to me. Now, Ballet? Ballet was a different story. LOL

The most important thing is just to start. Even if it's just walking 10 minutes a day. Start somewhere and just build on it.

Good luck to you! :)

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