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Dancing-What kind of workout?

Posted by Kristen D.

I'm interested in taking dance lessons at a local school nearby that offers classes for adults. I wonder, how good of a workout is, say, a jazz dance class? Any other suggestions for types of dance that will help me work up a sweat, lose a few pounds, and get even more fit?
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I think it's all good. I have never taken a dance class that did not make me break a serious sweat. Whether it's jazz, salsa, bollywood, hip-hop or ballet, you are sure to get a good workout. In the 90s swing was the big thing, and that was a lot of fun - unfortunately, it requires a couple, and it's so hard to find men to do couples dancing with especially when you are single (and sometimes even more especially if you aren't!). At any rate, don't limit yourself. I took a sampler breakdance class here a few weeks back and it was a lot of fun and not as hard as I thought it would be.
Depends.... I'm a swing dancer and it really is a good workout. I've been to workshops that offered jazz classes and those really kicked my butt, but I think that's more a function of the instructor. Try the classes near you and see if you like them. In the end, if you're not having fun with it, you won't stick with it. Also, if you're interested in swing, just go to the lessons... it's a social dance, so you don't have to go w/a partner. Also, if it's anything like the community in the bay area, it's lead heavy, so your presence will be welcomed.
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