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Dance through history

Posted Jun 01 2007 7:00pm 2 Comments
Ballroom dancing has been around for years and I have always enjoyed watching the competitions on television, so now I would like to try ballroom dancing. It's always nerve-racking trying something new, but going to the gym and taking aerobic classes is getting a little boring for me. Ballroom dancing will shine a new light on exercise and bring a few laughs along the way. Now the challenge is trying to find a good dance partner that does not mind me stepping on his toes and a beautiful ball gown to go with the new shoes.
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Dancing is and can be captivating and inspirational with as much energy spent as you put in. Lately there is a surge towards learning Tango besides other ballroom dances. Tango in a way promotes the art and culture of Argentine culture and can be exhilarating and will get your heart rate up. If properly done, it also can be a seductive dance with the observers being the voyeurs. Generally the tango embrace is close, soft and warm. Dance patterns are executed with precision and elegance. The tangling and unraveling of intertwined legs is like a sensual obsessive chase, climaxing with dramatic passionate poses.

Speaking of ballroom dance and exercise, I recently found out about ballroom aerobics-no partner necessary, you learn the basics while burning calories. I love the idea!
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