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Dance Medicine Center Helps Dancers Stay On Their Feet

Posted May 09 2008 12:34pm

Almost one year ago, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the University of Southern California (USC) School of Theatre Dance Program opened the Cedars-Sinai/USC Dance Medicine Center. Dance teachers and medical experts participate to educate dancers how to prevent dance injuries, with the motto, ?Preventing Injury Through Education.?

The center is located in Los Angeles and offers a multidisciplinary team of experts in dance and movement, sports medicine, orthopedics, surgery and physical therapy. Team members meet with dancers to assess, treat and rehabilitate injuries, as well as provide informational workshops about dance training and injury prevention.

Dancers, regardless of their level of ability, face risk of injury because of the stress that dance activity places on the body's musculoskeletal system. In addition, newcomers to dance may be unfamiliar with the limits of their own bodies or those of their dance partners. Experienced professional dancers may feel pressure to ignore minor problems until they become chronic or disabling. Dance medicine centers, like Cedars-Sinai, can to step in and offer consultations, training or corrective education to help keep dancers healthy and on their feet!

It is great to know that more and more institutions like the Cedars-Sinai/USC Dance Medicine Center are becoming available to address the unique subtleties of dancers and their injuries. Dancers, like all athletes, require specialized treatment, and the goals of places like Cedars-Sinai, are to rapidly return patients to their prior level of activity with no permanent limitation, while educating them on how to avoid future injury. Cedars-Sinai uses state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative resources, including: MRI/ CT scanning, physical therapists and psychiatrists, custom braces and splints and arthroscopy. The unique thing about Cedars-Sinai is that they have assembled an amazing team of experts who can speak dancers' language from experience, as every member or physician has been trained specifically to work with dancer's unique problems.

As the fields of dance science, dance medicine and dance kinesiology develop, the dance world will see more and more of these types of rehabilitative and educational centers opening. What an amazing way to prolong dance careers, create new jobs for dance-enthusiasts and welcome the scientific community to the dance world!

You can read the full article here and visit the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center website at
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